I was quite relaxed and no pain. Afterwards I went home and I was allowed to walk around and do little things. After three days, I was back to my full routine. Bev J

I have so much more energy now. This [Closure Procedure] literally changed my life. Cara M

No pain whatsoever. If I'd had known it was this easy, I probably would have come a lot sooner. Patty D

It was quick, painless and instant results. Instant pain relief, It's kind of miraculous. Christine R

I feel great. I can do things without my legs getting tired. I could have went right from here to work. Darlene B

I came in on a Friday, and by Sunday, I was standing at my kitchen sink, and I could feel the difference in the leg that had had the procedure and the leg that had not. Audra T

I'm excited to be able to not live with the pain and the heaviness in my legs and get back to some normal activities. Grace B

When he took them away it was just a miracle, the difference in the feeling. The pain went away and all of that. Jerry T