Here Comes the Fall

Well, that nightly chill in the air can only mean one thing.  Summer is moving its way past us and winter is rounding the bend.  Here in the South, we know that winter is only the briefest respite from the ugly heat and humidity of the summer months (which, at least below the Mason-Dixon Line, can seem to drag on for upwards of even 10 months a year).  However, even while we are enjoying our cooler weather, people suffering from varicose veins need to know a few things about how the winter months may affect their situation.

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Factors You CAN’T Control

The weather will do what it will do.  When the pressure changes, or the temperature drops, the body has a number of systems that respond naturally.  Some of these changes are not necessarily negative.  Indeed, cold weather can actually be beneficial to bearers of varicose veins, as the chill in the air and body causes veins to shrink automatically, thereby reducing the effect and appearance of the varicose veins.  However, there are some drawbacks.  Cold weather can also cause the body to go into a sort of energy conservation mode, essentially slowing down the entire circulatory system in order to hang on to the warmth.  This will obviously have an adverse result with regards to general vascular health, and can be especially troubling for someone suffering from varicose veins already. 

Factors You CAN Control

One of the biggest problems with the colder season is the lethargy that it can bring.  It isn’t just the bears of the world that want to hibernate when the cold winds start to blow.  When it is too cold to go outside, often people will simply huddle up inside.  Couple all of this inactivity with an overabundance of fatty foods and you have a disastrous cocktail, not just for vascular health for for overall health in general.  Make sure you get plenty of exercise and maintain a balanced, nutritious diet during the chilliest part of the year.  Design a meal plan focusing on foods that positively affect the circulatory system, such as garlic and dark chocolate (you are probably going to want to use those in separate dishes).  Avoid long stretches of sitting around in the recliner or on the couch.  Work out inside, enjoying the warmth of your own home, or at a gym that you like. 

Yes, it is true that the winter months will bring with them their own special set of challenges and quirks, but it is also true that we as individuals control much of how our situation plays out over the long term.  We can not control the temperature, but we can control how we respond to it.  We can control what steps we take to ensure our health is properly maintained and that our vascular system is operating at its best possible levels.

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