Many people (myself included) have a bad habit.  It can develop early and may never go away without focus.  We think we are just making ourselves a bit more comfortable, when in reality we are causing ourselves quite a bit of undue damage, cutting off circulation, and generally impeding our vascular health.  The bad habit, of course, is simple: we are crossing our legs way, way too much.


Crossing our legs may feel fine at first, but it’s actually a sneaky little devil in how it can affect your body.  First and foremost, the over and under approach to leg placement puts immediate pressure on the veins in the legs, and may even cut off blood flow entirely.  If you have ever had your leg get numb or tingly (we call it a “foot falling asleep”) while crossed, then you have experienced this first hand. 

That cut off circulation increases the pressure of the blood flowing through the rest of your body, but particularly in the area where spider veins and burst vessels are already most common--the legs.  This increased pressure can cause varicose veins to form or be seriously exacerbated.  Varicose veins are created when the valves inside the blood vessels malfunction, causing the vein to expand and burst, leaving unsightly blemishes on the body.  This is especially probable when it is part of a repeated cycle day-to-day. 

One of the best ways to combat this problem is by moving about throughout the day.  You should try to avoid either standing or sitting in a single position for long stretches of time, as the lack of movement only encourages venous problems.  Make sure to elevate your feet for a bit at a time, to help ease pressure on the vessels in your legs. 

The bottom line is that anything you can do to ease the already immense pressure being placed on your blood vessels can help improve your vascular health.  The human body holds roughly 10 pints of blood which is being forced through that body’s roughly 100,000 miles length of blood vessels every minute.  That’s already a lot of distance to cover in a small space within a small amount of time.  The pressure is already turned up as high as it needs.  There’s no reason to add to it by crossing your legs all the time.   

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