Vein Care in the Fall

Oh the weather outside is delightful…
And my varicose veins are so frightful…
It’s the most useful season of all
Yes, it’s Fall!  Yes, it’s Fall!  Yes, it’s Fall!

Ah, yes…. Fall is back.  Time for leaves (oh, so colourful!), cool weather (though not cold yet, not quite that here in the South), the battle of pumpkin-spice vs. caramel-apple (both are delicious, frankly), and bonfires (do not jump over that!).  Fall is also the best time to seek treatment for your varicose veins. 

Vein Care in the Fall.jpg

Probably the most important of all of the reasons for this is simply the lower temperature.  High temps tend to encourage vascular illness, as the blood vessels constrict as part of the body’s natural reaction to heat.  This, of course, is merely an exasperation of a lot of the issues and conditions that cause venous disease to take root in the first place.  Cooler temperatures, though not necessarily cold temperatures, provide an opposing reaction. 

People are also far, far more comfortable wearing the compression socks that are so often times used as a part of treatment of varicose veins during the colder months.  They can get sweaty and itchy and wildly uncomfortable when the area surrounding them is humid, hot, and gross.  In truth, the search for comfort is a driving force of the human spirit, and if offered the chance to do something that will provide more comfort AND better health, well--that’s the choice we are more likely to take. 

We are also lazy creatures, we humans, and it is true that we are much less likely to be sedentary when the weather is pleasant.  When it is hot outside, nobody wants to do anything!  We just want to go inside and sit in the air conditioned living room.  When it’s nice out, we are, quite reasonably, much more likely to move around.  Simply the act of getting up and moving about a bit more instead of sitting around with your legs bent in some unnatural way is wildly better for your varicose veins. 

This has mostly been a cheeky look at something that does qualify as bona fide truth:  varicose veins and vascular disease in general are much easier to treat in the cooler parts of the year.  Increased activity, better weather, and a higher degree of comfort all contribute to making life easier and treatment better for sufferers. 

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