Help for varicose veins

Your unsightly varicose veins may signal more than a cosmetic issue. That's the focus of this month's Checkup 13.

At a six-week checkup, Jessica Scholtes is thrilled to finally be symptom free.

The 30-year-old had varicose and spider veins in both legs.

"Back when all of this started, my whole entire ankle was purple. It was black and blue and purple. People couldn't believe the difference between my right leg and my left leg," she said.

She had a family history, and the condition and symptoms got worse after two pregnancies.

"When I was cooking it would hurt my feet and when standing all day long, doing work 40 hours a week. So when I got home it was hard to be on my feet," she said.

Dr. William Finkelmeier at Vein Solutions at St. Vincent did an ultrasound and found valves in her veins where not functioning properly and negatively impacting blood flow.

"The flow of this blood should be this way and the color of this ultrasound should be blue indicating blood traveling back towards the heart," he said.

As a fix, he sealed her veins.

"It's all done as an outpatient. It's done with needles and guidewires. Most people don't even take any pain medicine. Most people go back to work the next day or two and she had a wonderful cosmetic result we sealed the vein," said Dr. Finkelmeier.

Now Jessica is more active, and she's touched her children sensed a change.

"Just my kids being able to notice I'm playing more and spending time with them. My five-year-old mentioned it, so that made me really happy knowing that she could tell a difference," she said.

Jessica is now wearing shorts again, and says a bathing suit is next after her scars heal by next month.