Health Benefits of Walking

Nurse Mary Napier is taking a stroll with her coworkers at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. "You can walk everywhere you can walk to the supermarket you can walk to the gym, you can walk. Most places you want to go."

They're taking part in National Walking Day. The American Heart Association's is calling on Americans to get out of their seats and take a 30 minute brisk walk.

Cardiologist Doctor Kevin Dunsky says walking has many health benefits. "From a cardiovascular perspective, it's essential. It helps reduce the amount of heart attacks, strokes, it helps reduce cholesterol."

Beyond heart health… research shows walking also reduces the risk of breast and colon cancers.

"Using our muscles, getting our heart rate and heart beat moving is really important."

Doctors say you should keep a journal to track how many miles you're walking each day, week and month. And you should encourage others - like your family - to participate

Or in Mary Napier's case… her patients. "You can't expect your patients to walk, if you're not doing it.  Or, You have to set the example."

She says she walks a mile each way to work when she can.