Varicose Vein Complications

Although most cases of varicose veins are benign, there are some cases of varicosities that can cause serious complications, due to poor circulation through-out the affected limb.

Ulcers - Usually near the ankles, very painful ulcers can appear on the skin. The elevated pressure from blood inside the affected veins causes a buildup of fluid in the tissues which leads to the ulcers. You will usually notice a discolored spot on the skin before an ulcer forms, so see your doctor immediately if you notice this or think you have an ulcer.

Blood Clots - Veins deep inside the legs can become enlarged from time to time. This can cause considerate swelling in the affected leg. Sudden swelling can mean blood clots- medically known as thrombophlebitis - and should be immediately looked at by a doctor.

Bleeding - The varicose veins that protrude from just under the skin can cause serious bleeding if bumped or scratched. Bleeding from varicose veins can be so much more serious than bleeding from regular veins because of the increased pressure in the enlarged veins.

  • Result in inability to work due to not being able to walk or stand for long periods caused by pain and heaviness.
  • Skin conditions or dermatitis which could be a precursor for Dermatitis.
  • More often afflicting females acute fat necrosis can occur at the ankle of varicose vein sufferers who are overweight.
  • Person with the affliction is likely to suffer tenderness in the region.