Show Your Legs With Confidence

Vein problems are something that over 20 million American women suffer from. Vein problems do not only affect appearance, they can also lead to more complicated health problems.  Sometimes it is extremely easy to fix vein problems, and other times they can turn into a more complicated procedure. Your legs take you everywhere you need to be, and you want to keep them looking as good as possible and as pain free as you can for a long time.

Many times a patient that is suffering from varicose veins will be a 40-year-old female who spends a lot of time on her feet. The symptoms that go along with this problem can be anything from leg fatigue and heaviness, to swelling and outer skin changes. Not only can having varicose veins cause pain, it also can lead to disfigurement.

Varicose veins can be passed down from family genes, and can be found and treated very easily. For over ten years, doctors have been using ultrasound procedures to properly diagnose leg problems with very accurate results.

One method that is commonly used to treat this condition is to use radio frequencies. This uses a heat and sealing method that only takes minutes to complete. The entire time of this procedure is usually about one hour. A more specific treatment for varicose veins is Radio frequency ablation. This is when the medical professional will make a tiny puncture into the patients skin and place an RFA catheter directly into the affected veins. The patient will feel relief immediately, and this type of treatment has a 97% success rate.

There are many patients that will not require such extreme treatment, and can use at home remedies very easily. Varicose veins tend to happen when the valves that are located inside the veins cannot function properly. The amount of weight that is on the legs will start to cause this problem. Take some time to put your feet up throughout the day to let gravity do its job to help out. There are also compression stockings that can be purchased at any local store, though they do have a side effect of making people sweat. Many times, just getting all weight off of legs will help tremendously.